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We are a collection of English and Spanish speaking locals. Some from Spain and others from the UK and elsewhere.

We realised the success of most sunny holidays depend on where you stay.

We know what happens when and where, the intricacies from being in the Sites Barcelona hospitality, travel and entertainment business, and from living in Sitges and Barcelona ourselves.

We plan to provide a, low cost, members guide to Sitges Barcelona Hotels, Hostels and Accommodation. To allow an independent traveller to fly here cheaply whilst finding the perfect place to stay.

Our professionals will also offer this knowledge, and their local contacts, to carefully select and organise Sitges Barcelona holidays or events for those with a healthier budget and the desire for a more personalised trip.

It could be a Sitges Barcelona corporate event, a Sitges Barcelona wedding, or simply the desire to spend a holiday that gives you the most for your money.

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